25 random facts.

I won't lie, I am a very nosy person so reading all these facts is a little guilty pleasure. I thought I'd do a few of my own. Needless to say, I don't think there will be many! So let's get to it...

1. I have a double barreled first name! It's Stacey-Louise if you were wondering. ;) Most people will just call me Stacey though.

2. I have five (if you count the hideous thing underneath my new left arm tattoo...) tattoos. The majority of them were done last year. I have my right ribs done, my left forearm, my right forearm and my right thigh.

3. I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland. The book, the films... Everything about it. That's why I have two Alice tattoos. ;)

4. Naturally, I have a dark brown/auburn hair colour. I currently dye it jet black.

5. My favourite feature is my eyes. They're a nice colour!

6. I have way too much make up, especially foundations and lipsticks/lip glosses/lip stains/lip liners.

7. I've found a new passion for baking...

8. For Halloween last year, I dressed up as The Dark Knight Rise Catwoman. For my friend's 21st coming up, I am dressing up as Harley Quinn.

9. I also seem to have an expanding perfume collection. Oops...

10. I would love to see Lana Del Rey live.

11. I'm a wrestling fan, and have been since I was very little. My favourite wrestler of all time is The Undertaker.

12. I'll turn 21 on 21st July this year. :)

13. Currently I work in a fast food place, but I've told myself this year will be the last year I am there.

14. I am a qualified Legal Secretary even though I can't find a job in this sector.

15. I would love to have a MacBook in my life. I'm obsessed with Apple products.

16. I put all my spare change in a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. :)

17. I prefer giving presents rather than receiving them.

18. My signature scent s Gucci Guilty.

19. I overuse Twitter. If you like boring nonsense, beauty, TV commentaries and how stupid people in Tamworth are, then you can follow me.

20. Most of my friends are males. I can't seem to get along with females for a long amount of time. I just don't know why!

21. Painting my nails can be the most tedious thing ever.

22. I prefer rocking red lips over a nude lip.

23. I have had bright red hair, and absolutely loved it!

24. I have a brother named Jamie and a half brother named Lee.

25. I have came to the conclusion that I am boring. ;)

Hope you've enjoyed these random facts! And to finish it off, here's a photo of my brother's French Bulldog, Beau...

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