sunday snap 008

Hello my lovelies! Golly gosh, it's been so hectic over in the House of Wabbit! I've been working lots (again!) and of course it's been snowing for the past couple of days. The photo above is of myself and my nephew who is sporting some of my mascara on his cheek... He decided it was fun to play with it while I was away at work. 

We put on our beanies (mine is from Honour over Glory back in 2011!) and my nephew's is a cute animal one with a tail on the back; our coats, wellies and gloves... And we were ready to play in the snow! My nephew absolutely loved it. Back when it snowed in February 2012, he was a bit too young to really understand it. Now that's he's nearly three, he got really excited for making snowmen, snow angels... the lot!

I've been at work while it's been snowing today. The paths were like ice rinks this morning at 7:20am, and walking home at 4pm it was snow and sludge! Personally, I do wish the snow would go away because it makes going to work a pain in the bum, but it is pretty to look at. 

Until next time, my loves... Stay safe on the roads and paths!

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