Christmas Day was almost a week ago, and I hope that you all enjoyed whatever you were doing on that day! I'm still eating the Christmas chocolates and gaining more and more weight as the days go by. I wish I could say that I spent a good few days relaxing with my family but I was working on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, so I only had the actual day off!

On Christmas Day we went up to my half brother's house for the third year in a row for dinner. I absolutely loved my dinner, and even the chocolate fudge cake pudding too! I spent a lot of time FaceTiming my niece who had received an iPod touch as a present; my nephew prancing around in his brand new Fireman Sam onesie and eating leftovers on sandwiches.

Sadly I got ill just after Christmas - and still am - so I'm at home after working long hours to try and recover. I do have two days off for the New Year so that'll be my late Christmas holidays!

Hope you guys are all well and healthy! Until next time...

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