things that make me smile.

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1. Manners. A simple thing but something most people seem to be lacking these days. Especially where I live. We have a group of lads come into the place I work, and harass myself and whom ever is working with me. No manners, they whistle at us like we're dogs... I just cannot tolerate it. So it makes me smile whenever I get someone who will use manners, say 'thank you' and 'please'. It's not much to ask for, is it?

2. My family. I've come to love my mum, my dog and my two year old nephew so much today. I came back home after work, feeling drained, sick and just generally unhappy. I had my nephew cheer me up instantly. He was bounding around the back garden, running after balloons and throwing water around like no one's business. We even ended up in a little water fight, and I'm pretty sure I won! Today has made me appreciate them like nothing else.

3. Disney films. This is a given, if you know me pretty well. I was lying in bed last night, sick as a dog after spending ten hours at work and watched 101 Dalmatians to try and cheer me up. And it worked. I love when Roger sings the song about Cruella. It reminds me of my childhood when I played that song non-stop on a tape and bugged the heck out of my parents. :)

4. iPad. This wonderful gadget... I am so glad I bought one. I've favoured it over my laptop most days as it's so simple to unlock the iPad and use the internet straight away without having to power up the laptop after shutting it down. I still use my laptop for blogging, downloading TV series and films and for playing music as well. And I loveeeee watching TV on it as well! Brilliant thing. :)

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