sunday snap 006

It's been a while since I've done a Sunday Snap! I'll try and stop being such a bad blogger in the future, haha.

Not a lot has been happening except for work, work and more work! I really should be phoning up solicitors to try and get a placement - or a job - but I've been covering shifts left, right and center! I'm not complaining, the money is nice, but sometimes I do like to just relax at home with the mother bear and dog. The money is nice as well. :D

I've been debating the future of my hair colour as well. I'm getting my hair cut and coloured next Thursday, and I'm thinking about keeping the blonde hair for a little while and then going back to a dark colour - or possibly red! What do you guys think? Keep the blonde hair or go dark?

I have a few things I bought on Friday which will be featured soon. Keep tuned. ;)

Until next time, lovelies.

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  1. Hey ...
    I think you should go darker Stacey