mini haul.

Hello everyoneeee! Just thought I'd share a mini haul with you guys since I haven't done so for a long time. :) This may not be to everyone's cup of tea but it's fun!

My first two comic book purchases from a small shop in Birmingham called Nostalgia & Comics. I love that place so much and have to thank my friend Sam for introducing me to it!

Another purchase from Nostalgia & Comics. This may be my favourite mug of all time. Pleased to meetcha!

Yves Saint Laurent's new foundation. I'm not hundred percent sure on what I think about this. It feels nice on the skin but I haven't wore it for long enough to form a proper opinion! I'll get back to you on it. :)

LEGO BATMAN! I got so frustrated with this game after playing it for three hours - haha! It's a wicked game and you can't moan about it for £15. :)

And these comic books are from Amazon. They arrived yesterday morning and I ripped open the packaging like a little child on Christmas. So excited to read them!

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