life update.


Hello everyone! It's been a crazy past couple of months for me and it's finally started to settle down a tad. I've finished my college course for good, and now it's the run up to my 20th birthday on 21st July. I'm eagerly awaiting for results in the post and am currently looking for legal secretary jobs. Heck, I'm looking for any type of admin job for the time being seeing as my current job is lacking hours for me.
Over the course of the past few months I have bought a lot of new products to try out! I have found a few hidden gems here and there, and with my recent tax refund (which is probably going to be all gone by the end of this week!) I've ended up with more than what I bargained for. One of the biggest purchases was my iPad 2, which I am in love with, along with my first two Laura Mercier products! The Silk Creme foundation has been a Godsend recently as I've been breaking out quite a bit - boooo! :( But I'll do a proper review on this soon. :)
Bear with me people - this blog will be back and running in no time. ;) xoxo

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