everybody scream your heart out.

Hello everyone! I'm so sorry for not keeping to my promise and trying to keep this updated. I've been through a rough patch over the past couple of weeks after a slightly messy break up. Myself and my ex broke up at the start of March, and he ended it over Facebook. Yeah... I wasn't expecting that either. But enough about that!

Who wants to see my beautiful new addition in my life?

My friend and I have named her Ivy, purely because of my love for Batman, and the fact she has a few vines on her. ;) She's amazingly hot, and she's not even finished! Much love to my tattooist Lee who has done a wicked job on her thus far. Cannot wait to see her completed - I'll fall in love with her even more. ;)

I'll try and keep this little blog updated with beauty and what not. Give me a few days. ;) Until next time, my loves! :)


  1. Loving the ink especially all the detailing! Totally been craving some more tattoos myself lately.

    1. Thank you, hun. :) She's my beauty, even though she is hurting me right now, haha. I can't wait to see her finished.

      My second big piece! :D x

  2. Hey, wow that is beautiful! love the colour :)

    sorry to hear what happened =/

    Love your blog!

    I'm your newst follower, Follow back if you like?

    Emilie xox