sunday snap 003

Sutton Coldfield Park at 8:50am.

Hello my lovelies! These weeks are seriously flying by now, and I cannot believe I have around 11 weeks left on my course at college. It'll be lovely to get a full time Legal Secretarial job at the end of my course - fingers crossed. :)

This week was mainly spent sitting exams and generally having a lazy week with awesome people. I didn't have college on Tuesday so I volunteered to work on the night which was also good considering the boyfriend was playing cricket! I spent the majority of Thursday at Games Workshop after my exam, and then went back home, got ready and headed off to our local gaming club for the night. The picture above was also taken on Thursday. I decided to go for a walk in Sutton Coldfield's park at a ridiculous time and it was -3. Bitterly cold! I carried on walking for a good hour and found myself on a path of ice. Brilliant ideas - I have them. :D

I'm have a general lazy Sunday evening after working for eight hours today. I think I might go and read my new book. ;)

How's your weekend been? Until next time, my loves. :)

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