sunday snap 004

Hello my lovelies! It's that time of week again. :) This week has been filled with many important dates for me. On 13th February, it was my boyfriend and I's one year anniversary. Yes, we got together a day before Valentine's Day and we only knew each other for two days beforehand. We felt like we knew each other for ages before we became 'official'. And then we spent Valentine's evening together. He bought me Ferrero Rochers (he knows me well!) and an adorable card. :) Bless him.

Other than the typical lovey dovey stuff at the start of the week, I haven't been doing much else. I had the majority of the week off work (and off college as well - half term, bonus!) so I was playing on the Wii pretty much every day. I'm ace at some of the dances on Just Dance 3. ;) Maybe I should show off my moves to the boyfriend - haha. :D

I've also been playing around with make up looks and working out what looks good with what. I'll try and get a few photos of my make up when I have time. With going back to college this week, I may not be able to but I'll try. :) Until next time, my loves.

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