sunday snap 002

Harley, our seven month Maine Coon cat.
Hello my lovelies. It's that time again..! My, hasn't this week flown by? It's been a roller coaster week for myself. I won't go into major details but if you follow me on Twitter, you'll probably know. And we've also seen snow this weekend which wasn't brilliant for myself seeing as I had to work for the whole of it. Walking in the snow this morning at 7:30am was not fun. :(

However, myself and the boyfriend went to go and see Underworld: Awakening. I would totally recommend it, even if you just wanted to see the amazingly gorgeous Kate Beckinsale. The film is a lot darker than the rest and the little girl in the film was pretty kick ass. :D

And meet my boyfriend and I's new Maine Coon cat, Harley. He's seven months old and weighs 5kgs now. He's not even fully grown yet - he's got another three years or so! He joins our little 'family' along with another Maine Coon cat named Layla who's nearly seven months old. They're both fluffy, gorgeous cats.

Until next time, my loves. :)


  1. Aw my your kitty is too cute!

    1. We've only had him for a week, but he's gorgeous and so placid. :) Our other Maine Coon cat is naughty but oh so cute!