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Hello lovelies! Hope you've been enjoying your weekend and all that jazz..! I've spent the majority of it working, and am working tomorrow then back at college until Friday. It never ends I'm afraid. This week has been hectic for me. Work has been ridiculously busy; I was stressed for most of the week about my Law exam - which, if you haven't heard, I passed! - and catching up on numerous amount of work.

I did get chance to make myself up a couple of days, and the picture above is my favourite picture this week, even if it a little vain to say so. ;) That was the day where I felt like a predator - haha. :D I generally don't have my hair like that but seems to suit me better so maybe you'll see it like that more often.

This week I'm loving...

  • Make up: Illamasqua has been the main brand I've used over the past week. I am in love with their eye brow cake! You can use it softly, or build up the intensity to suit your mood. It certainly it a must have..! And one of their nail polishes which was featured in a blog entry earlier this week - Unnatural - has became my favourite shade ever. 
  • Music: Seeing as how I work in a fast food place, the radio is constantly on when I'm working. This week David Guetta's "Titanium" feat. Sia is amazing. Oh so catchy. ;)
  • Animals! My dog had an operation on Tuesday, and he came back home on Wednesday. He's so lively already, but he broke my heart when I had to leave him on Tuesday. That face he pulls kills me every time. In other news, my boyfriend bought another Maine Coon cat called Harley. He's seven months old, and he's massive! But he's like a huge teddy. :D

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