catching up.

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Hello my lovelies..!

I thought I'd do a little blog post about why I was absent from blogging for months. Skip this entry if you don't care. ;)

  • College: I went back to college in September, and am currently on an ILEX Legal Secretary Level 3 course. Everything is going fine thus far, in fact, I passed my Law exam just yesterday! My tutors have told me that they cannot keep marking all the work I give them - oops. :D I am quite a fast typist so I tend to do a bit more work than the rest of the class... I don't mean to, honest! Fingers crossed that all goes well for the next couple of months, hey? :)
  • Work: When I'm not at college, I'm at work. Oh the life of a student. ;) I typically work from Friday through to Monday, and then go to college from Tuesday to Friday. I'm constantly on the go it feels like from time to time. I don't mind as such as it is money at the end of the day (to fuel my tattoo and make up addiction... but that's a story for another day!) To be quite honest I'd rather work when I have no college because I can become ridiculously bored. :(
  • The in between: And when I'm not doing those two things, I'm spending time with my family (the mother and my fluffy baby, Truman), or with my boyfriend and his little 'princess' Layla. Layla is a Maine Coon cat, and at only 6 months old - she's a little terror! I also spent ten hours of lying down on a padded table at a tattoo studio back in October/November to complete my gorgeous side piece! I adore it so much, and will be adding another tattoo soon hopefully. ;) 
So there you have it! A brief reasoning as to why I was absent for so long. Let's hope I can keep this little space on track for a while. :D Until next time, my lovelies!


  1. good luck with your course, and fingers crossed for more posts (but only when you have the time!) :)

  2. DibDabs: Thank you..! I'll try and keep this little blog up and running with more make up and personal posts. :P Everyone knows I have too much make up. ;)