a week in photos #8

A bit later than usual, but I've been so busy with work that I haven't had time to upload the photos!

The Glamour magazine that most beauty fiends had been waiting for. I found a small stash of copies in a not so local Tesco, where they had all three mini Benefit products. I was most intrigued by Posietint, as pictured! I love it. :)

And Posietint started off my love affair with Benefit cosmetics! This product doesn't get much love around the whole beauty community, but I'm in the minority when I say I like it. I don't love it yet; just like it.

I love stripes. Always have done and probably always will do. I was browsing Next's website and came across this gorgeous jumper in one of their features. For £22, I couldn't complain and the material feels good quality like most of Next clothing. (I may work for Next, but I'm not being paid to give good feedback on their clothing!)

This is something out of the ordinary for myself. I usually stick to skinny jeans so I was a bit wary when wearing these for the first time. By the way, these are from Next as well. ;) I've paired these up with a lovely cream lace top (which was featured in a post not so long ago).

I own a lot of lingerie. I don't mean about 10 or so matching sets, I mean about 20-30. I usually shop at La Senza or Ann Summers for my lingerie needs but a few pieces from Next's range caught my eye, especially this one. I do have a soft spot for polka dots (hello rhyme!) and this looks gorgeous on. May have to purchase some more!

We all go through 'that' stage when you don't know what you want to do to your hair; do you want to dye it? Cut it? I've been going through this stage for a while and decided to buy this lovely bow headband from Accessorize for £8. It did make my boyfriend call me Minnie... so beware. ;)

This skinny bow belt from ASOS is gorgeous! But sadly it's too small for me, so this will be returned. However if I ordered a size up it would be lovely with those trousers above. Thankfully for my quick thinking (pushing the boat out here) checked New Look's website and ended up buying a pack of 2 belts for less than this belt! Bargain. :D

And a random photo of myself to make your days better. ;)

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