a week in photos #7

I'm a bad blogger at times, but here's my week in photos. :)

I've been wanting this book - Written On The Body by Jeanette Winterson - for a very long time. Ever since a friend of mine quoted a part of this book to me a few years ago, I've been looking for it in books stores. I have yet to find it in a WHSmiths or Waterstones to date. I finally caved and bought one via Amazon for an amazing price (including shipping). If you're wondering what this book is like thus far (I started it last night)... it's amazing.

Rewind a few years back, and you could find me sitting on the sofa with my DS Lite playing Cooking Mama which I borrowed from my best friend's little sister for a day or so. It's ridiculously addictive and whenever I don't get a good score on one of the recipes, I go back and do it again! My aim this time is to get all gold medals for each meal. I'll show that game who is in charge!

I love Truffle Shuffle. No, honestly, I love that website. They have amazing t-shirts and the delivery is super duper quick! This Where The Wild Things Are t-shirt is so comfortable. It's a boyfriend fit t-shirt which makes things better in my life! I used to live in oversized clothing (and still do occasionally, I will admit!) but this is stylish and oversized. Always a plus. ;)

Geek alert. Geek alert. Another purchase from Truffle Shuffle! A Transformers Autobot t-shirt is always a win. If you wear this, you win at life. Simple! I actually wore this to my second job yesterday... but no commented on it. :( They all fail there, obviously. I bought it a size bigger and I'm very glad I did. I like t-shirts where they are fitted, but not clingy, and this does a great job at that! It fits perfectly around the bust area but doesn't cling to my stomach at all. See? Winning!

I popped into Boots yesterday after work as my mum needed me to go and buy her some hairspray, and found myself yet again at the cosmetics area. The Barry M stand caught my attention as I had been lusting after another nail polish. This was the last bottle of 'Bright Purple', so I lucky to get it. I'll be painting my nails later for The Darkness gig tonight!

And this is my nail polish collection thus far.
Barry M: Blueberry Ice Cream, Cyan Blue, Berry Ice Cream, Bright Purple.
Rimmel: Lasting Finish 'Green Grass', 60 Seconds 'Rose Libertine', 60 Seconds 'Sky High', 60 Seconds 'Clear'.
Misc.: Collection 2000 'Ebony', Maybelline Express Finish 'White Dream', Maybelline Water Shine Diamonds 'Precious Pink'.

I bought this on an impluse, again. Initally, the packaing of 17 Wild Curls mascara caught my attention. I bought the 'Wildest Black' shade. I half expected the mascara brush to be quite large and fluffy as such, but it's a very fine 'comb' brush. I do love the mascara as a whole!

I know I bought a foundation last week, but once again, this caught my attention! I've been using Maxfactor's Xperience Foundation in 'Light Ivory' for just under a week and love it. It leaves a nice, natural finish and the coverage is light to medium, but very buildable! I find it matches my skin tone very well.

And the luxury purchase of the week: Yves Saint Laurent's Elle perfume. This cost me £41.00 for 30ml, which is a lot, but it smells divine! Myself and my best friend love it. From the very first spray it was very overwhelming, but it was a heavy spray! It has a very fresh floral scent and feels very feminine. I recommend it a lot! :)


  1. I love those tshirts, especially the first one, so much love for Where The Wild Things Are. And I sometimes steal my sisters DS for the day and get ever so carried away on the games; Cooking Mama is definitely a favourite! x

  2. Jasmin: The t-shirts were so affordable as well! The Transformers one was only £20, and the Where The Wild Things Are was only £25!

    The DS is a wonderful thing. I want the rest of the Cooking Mama series! I may or may not be slightly addicted... Oops. x