things you may have not known about the bunny.

The bunny.

  • I have minor OCD. It affects my work life a lot, but I seem to keep it away from my home life for whatever reasons! I'm also OCD about my handwriting and for the most time, I despise it!
  • I'm not from England. I was born in Germany, and moved here when very small. (Height jokes shall not be added.) Apparently - according to customers - it's obvious that I'm not from England... but I don't see how. People are weird. Myself included.
  • I own too much make up. Way too much, but it doesn't stop me from buying new products specifically MAC items. At the moment I'm lusting after a tinted moisturizer for the summer time which has coverage! I'm more of a blusher and lipstick girl than anything else, but I always go out wearing foundation regardless.
  • I'm a geek and damn proud of it! I grew up watching my brother play Final Fantasy on the Playstation, watching wrestling and wishing I was there, and also reading graphic novels after stealing them from the elder siblings. My boyfriend is also a bit of a geek so it's all good. Batman, Thor, Wonder Woman, Games Workshop, Final Fantasy... It's all awesome to me. ;)
  • This is the first time I've properly been in love. My boyfriend (who is older than me by quite a few years!) has been the best boyfriend I could ever possibly have. I always thought I was in love with some of my ex boyfriends but that was just lust. Stuart is supportive of me, lets me be as weird as I want and still loves me. :)
  • I am only 5'2". This does hinder me in life, but for the majority of the time I just have people making fun of it! At one of my jobs (I have two currently) during Christmas time, my manager asked me if Santa was missing an elf this year. Needless to say I wasn't impressed. And it's not just my manager that does this to me, it's also my boyfriend! Psh. 
  • My natural hair colour is a mix between auburn and dark brown hair. As you can tell in the photo above, I dye my hair black. The only problem is that my hair grows insanely quick so roots happen a lot quicker. 
That's all for now folks! I cannot think of anything else to put down at this present moment, but if you're lucky there may be another installment. ;) (Also known as 'I'll Bore You Further'.)


    1. i'm roughly the same height as you, maybe a little shorter, so i know exactly how you feel! there are times when its definitely a good thing though :)

    2. Laura: Oh, certainly there are times when it's amazing. I work in the stock area at Next and I constantly have to use ladders whereas most people don't! Such a pain. :P x