wish list.

H&M Chiffon Maxi Dress. £34.99.
This gorgeous chiffon maxi dress from H&M is appropriate for both day times (when you want to dress up a little - pun intended!) and for the night times when you have a special date. The colour is simply beautiful and screams summer to me!

H&M Straight Leg Trousers. £14.99.
I have a thing for these types of trousers at the moment. They look amazingly comfortable and equally stylish without feeling like a slob. H&M's straight legged trousers fit the bill exactly without breaking the bank account. Love!

Wonderbra Lace and Velvet Push Up Bra. £28.00.
I love, love, love Wonderbra's lingerie range. This bra caught my eye straight away with the elegant pattern and the striking colour. Now, if someone would be kind enough to buy me the bra and the matching underwear!

Topshop Cream Chinese Floral Print Maxi Cover Up. £30.00.
Stunning print and colour. That's the first thing I think about whenever I see this maxi dress cover up. I just wish it wasn't so long in real life because it would be next on my list to purchase. Oh how I dislike being so small at times.

Desire Clothing Khaki Belted Cropped Chino Trousers. £20.00.
Again with the trousers! These cropped Chino trousers fit the bill once again. I'd buy a bunch of these type of trousers in bulk just in case I never saw them again. Sad act? Why yes! ;)

American Apparel Unisex Flex Fleece Zip Hoody. £40.00.
I love this 'Sunshine' American Apparel hoody! I already own two of them and practically live in them during the winter time. This one would be perfect for late summer nights when there is a slight breeze in the air. I may put this on my birthday wish list!


  1. Love that first dress.

    Helen, X

  2. Helen: It's the first dress that I've seen in H&M that has appealed to me in a very long time! :) x

  3. We don't have a H&M where I live but I've been to there website a number of times and love their dresses. Ugh. I need to go there.


  4. HFC: It sucks that you don't have access to a H&M store! I can understand your frustrations. I hate not being able to purchase some American based cosmetics. :( x