a week in photos #4

I received this letter from my old college - Birmingham Metropolitan College - last week which invited me for an interview for my chosen course. I'm super excited about it because I cannot stand to work full time where I am at the moment, and this course not only gives me a qualification, it also gives me experience and can lead to a full time job. :) Bring it on!

I finished The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky last Tuesday. I was incredibly excited to start reading it because of all the positive things people said about it. I didn't enjoy it sadly. But I'll write a proper review about it later on this week.

I bought this Disney Couture bracelet a few months back and simply fell in love. It's simplicity is gorgeous, the script is uplifting and it's completely me. I cannot stop wearing it when I have days off. I'm not much of a jewelery person but when I do wear it, it's lovely.

Have faith in your dreams.

My most used make up for last week! MAC's Double Dare Cremesheen Glass and MAC's Plush Lash mascara in black. Both are amazing. The Cremesheen Glass is described as a "coral red" and this picture just doesn't do it justice! It's so smooth and hardly sticky, so for people who hate sticky glosses, try MAC's Cremesheen Glasses. :) I was also weary of trying their mascaras as I had heard bad things but Plush Lash defines and gives my eyelashes a little more length when worn. That's all I ask for in a mascara!

Oh, McDonald's. That craving I get towards the end of the night whenever I'm hungry. Thankfully the boyfriend doesn't mind driving me there to grab some food so I'm lucky in that respect. ;) Got to love a plain hamburger, medium fries and a medium coke when you get hungry!

A rare sight. Me without make up on, but my hair is done! I wear my hair pretty much like this for most of the time when I'm not at work, and clipping my fringe back is a God send when it's hot outside. I have very long hair - it hits the small of my back - and it's very thick. You could say that it must be a dream but during the summer it's hell! But alas. :)

And again. More moody this time, if that's possible! ;)

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