a week in photos #3

I've been using Urban Decay's Naked palette a lot more recently. I love doing neutral eye make up since it fits in more with my day to day life, whether it be working or going to the cinema with the boyfriend! I mainly use the lighter shades over the lid, and then work in medium to dark brown shades for the crease and to line my upper lid. Works a treat! :)

The cinema - again! I told you that me and Stuart are avid cinema goers. I believe that's where most of my wages go to be quite honest. :) We saw Thor on Monday night after I finished work, and I've also wrote a mini review about it here. On Friday night, we saw Insidious. I would have enjoyed this movie more if we didn't have a group of 14 year old lads sitting behind us who spoke constantly throughout. A member of staff even had a word with them about 45 minutes into the film, but they still spoke afterwards. One lad even put his foot right next my head, so I turned around and he then cursed at me, calling me a "f**king bitch". My boyfriend wasn't too pleased! But the film gives little nods to old school horror movies which was nice.

Geeks ahoyyyyy! I love Games Workshop, and I love Warhammer 40,000 (or 40k, as it's also known). I've got a Blood Angels army, and pictured above is the codex for said army. It tells you the points value for each unit/independent character/transport and also gives you the background on the army itself. I haven't done much with my army thus far, but when I get some spare money I'll go and buy myself better paint brushes and more paints. I should then have a painted army after some dedicated time. ;)

As I have six days off work, I decided to paint my nails. This is one of my favourite nail polishes ever. It's by Rimmel and is called Rose Libertine. It's a gorgeous coral/pink colour, which is currently my favourite colour at the moment! :) A true summer colour.

I made an order with American fashion brand Forever 21 late last week and I received it on Tuesday I believe! These wedges are gorgeous. The platform on them is 5" and they are the most lovely pink colour. Very muted and can go with practically everything in my wardrobe. (That's not surprising. I mainly have black, grey and white clothing!) The best part? The cost. They only cost me £20 which was brilliant. I also received some black shorts which are so comfy, but they are currently in the wash.

One of my favourite perfumes at the moment is Avril Lavigne's Forbidden Rose. I'm no perfume expert, so don't expect a brilliant description of it! It's got a slight floral scent but if anything, it reminds me of the aftershave my boyfriend wore on our first date! Maybe that's why I like it. :) It's currently in rotation with Hugo Boss' Deep Red so I don't use it all quickly!

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