things that make me smile.

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  • My boyfriend. I'm so proud of him for getting a very well paid job in his specialty after such a long time of unsuccessful interviews and straight out rejections. The job market is such a horrible thing at the moment so for him to get offered a job 30 minutes after the interview is amazing. Also, he's every supportive of me which is so nice. He kept me motivated to try and find another job. :)
  • Good news. I'm usually the person who gets all the bad news, but this week was a different story! Yesterday I had a job interview at Next, and got offered a position straight away. So happy about it. I'm still at my other job, and if I'm still at Next in September, I'll say goodbye to the fast food joint forever. On Thursday I had a college interview in Sutton for my chosen course. I got accepted straightaway! :D I start that in September and I cannot wait. Things are finally looking up.
  • Tiffany & Co. I love their charm bracelets. So simple, so elegant and so want! The one I have my eye on is £180, which is very reasonably priced for Tiffany & Co. Dear boyfriend, if you are reading this: hint hint
  • Treating myself. I haven't spent any money on clothes, make up or perfume until yesterday after getting so much good news. I went into WHSmith, Boots and also had a look around Next, New Look and Outfit. I ended up buying a couple of things which you'll be able to see in tomorrow's post. :)
What's made you smile recently? :)


  1. what a lovely feel good post. Love your blog background.

    Helen, X

  2. Helen: Thank you! It's so easy to go down the negative route, but I thought it was time to share some positive things with people. :)