wish list.

Those things we want, but have to wait until pay day... :(

Libby Tan Wooden Platform Peep Toe Sandals. £68.00
Oh, how I have an unhealthy obsession with platform sandals at the moment. They can go with pretty much everything, and these Topshop shoes are gorgeous! I could be really bad and buy these with my Topshop card but I told myself I wouldn't do anything like that unless I had the money to pay off the card straight away. Oh the temptation...

ASOS Petite Bandeau Cheesecloth Maxi Dress. £30.00
I wanted to join in on the maxi dress trend last year but with me being only 5'2" the dresses would have swamped me. :( I've decided that I'll bite the bullet and do it this year with this simple maxi dress. Even my mother likes it - and that's rare. ;)

River Island Pink Floral Satchel Bag. £36.99
A new bag has been needed for many months now but I've always put it off saying it's a 'want', not a 'need'. Now my 2 current bags are slowly but surely falling apart. One bag is over 5 years old and the other is other 2, so they've lasted a long time! This bag from River Island is just lovely. Can someone buy me it? Please? :)

La Senza Georgia Aqua with Chocolate set. Bra: £28.00. Underwear: £10.00-£14.00
I love lingerie. I have way too much of it that my lingerie drawer is current falling to parts and lingerie is actually spilling from it. Oops. I can never resist popping into La Senza, though every time I do, I always fall in love with something. This Georgia lingerie set is stunning. I've lusted after it for a little while and it might finally be mine soon!

What are you wanting this week?


  1. Love those platforms! And the bra, so gorgeous xx

  2. Emily: Those platforms will be mine when the times comes. ;)