things that make me smile

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  • New make up. Let's be honest, us girls love playing around with new make up and trying to use it at every chance. Or at least that's what I do! While I was browsing Temptalia, I came across a MAC lipstick I lusted after for a few months last year - Crosswires. It's described as a "clean pinky orange". I purchased it yesterday thanks to impulse buying and cannot wait to receive it in the mail later this week!
  • Photographs. Be it via digital camera or by a lomography camera, photographs make the world go around. I have both - a Diana Mini lomo camera and a Samsung compact digital camera. At the moment my Samsung camera gets more love than the Diana Mini due to the fact it's mainly for this blog. (You'll see why later on this week - YAY!) And what with the weather being nice recently, I can't wait to get outside again and take sunny photos. :) 
  • Games Workshop/Warhammer. This is the inner geek coming out to play, but I love GW! The models, the games, the books - everything. Me and my boyfriend both like this hobby which is always a plus. I've even started my own little army: Blood Angels. I still have to finish painting my Death Company unit (which won't be finished overnight, hehe...)  and then paint my Astorath the Grim model. Plus I've even started to read a book called "The Horus Heresy" by Dan Abnett. So far so good. :D 
  • And finally... Starbucks. I've had major cravings for a Starbucks pretty much every day. My boyfriend even asked me if I wanted one yesterday afternoon, but silly old me declined the offer! I regretted it straight after, don't you worry about that. Let's see if I can get one today, hey? ;)

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