a week in photos #1

001. My dog, Truman, loves to lies on beds when people are at work. I caught him catching some rays on my brother's bed early in the afternoon. This was before my brother got out the clippers and gave my dog a much needed fur cut for the summer.

002. iTunes, cold beverages, my Blackberry Bold 9700 and a Moleskine notebook. My main essentials this week! That Moleskine notebook holds many ideas for a little present which is soon to be made. :) Can't wait for it to be finished, and when it is, I'll share it here for you.

003. I received this lovely River Island dress on Tuesday. I couldn't find it on the actual RI website, but I believe it's still on ASOS' website which I where I purchased it from! It fits like a dream, is the right length for me (I'm only 5'2"!) and I seriously cannot wait to wear it on a nice summer's day when I'm not at work.

004. My Amazon Kindle has been getting some much needed love after neglecting it for two months - well, since I met my boyfriend! As you may (or may not) know I love Games Workshop/Warhammer, and the text you can see in this photo is from "The Horus Heresy" by Dan Abnett. Myself and my boyfriend are both reading this book and he's further into it than me. :( Boooo. I'll make sure I finish it first. ;)

005. Make up, make up. The most used items this week for myself. MAC's blush in "Dame" is a satin finish and is such a gorgeous shade. It reminds me of Babydoll from Sucker Punch in some scenes! I apply it with the Ecotools blush brush which is pictured as well. And that lipgloss - sorry, Kissable Lipcolour - is also by MAC and was released in the 'Peacocky' collection earlier this year. 'So Vain' is a coral/peachy colour which is very opaque so I always blot after applying it!

006. IT'S ME. I don't blame you for adverting your gaze away from your computer screen. Honestly, I don't. The best part of this photo is the top... that you can't really see but it's gorgeous. It's a sheer top from Topshop that cost £22. Worth every penny. It's flattering and just see through enough for it to be sexy, not sleazy. And this was also a chance for me to play around with my hair being up while I'm not at work. I'm not sure if I like it, but I'll keep messing around with it until I do.

007. This MAC lipstick in 'Crosswires' was an impulse buy, and I do not regret it one bit. It's absolutely perfect for summer. I wore it to work yesterday and I loved it. It's a Cremesheen finish which is one of my favourites (along with satin finishes) and works so well against my pale skin (NW15) and black hair. I have a feeling this lipstick will get a lot of love from me for many months to come.

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