god of thunder.

Chris Hemsworth as 'Thor'.

Myself and Stuart went to go and see the advanced screening of Thor in 3D last night, and it was well worth the waiting around and the money. I had my doubts about seeing this movie, especially in 3D seeing as some movies that come out in 3D didn't really need it, but it excelled in all aspects.

The storyline was refreshing, personally. I was expecting something more 'cheesy' seeing as it was a film of a Marvel character. I did not think they would take it down the route they did - but it worked out perfectly. The actors were brilliantly casted as well. Natalie Portman stars as the science geek Jane Foster and Anthony Hopkins stars as Thor's father, Odin. A star studded cast? In my eyes, yes!

Many people are doubtful about seeing a film in 3D nowadays, and I can understand why. Toy Story 3 didn't need to be in 3D, along with a few other films, but this once is brilliant. The effects can only be appreciated in 3D which made me so happy I did spend the extra money to view it. Honestly, don't hesitate to go and see it because you think you'll be wasting your money. You won't be.


  1. i saw this last night too. i wasn't expecting much, i was only really going for my boyfriend but i really enjoyed it!
    thanks for following my blog, i have followed you back :)

  2. Laura: I done pretty much the same thing, went for my boyfriend! I'm a Marvel nerd (in some respects) but really wasn't a fan of Thor. It was awesome. :D
    And thank you very much. :) x