wrong space. wrong time.

If you haven't noticed, the blog posts have been very sparse over here for just over a year!

I've moved!

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some days i just want nothing.

We all have those days where we don't want to put make up on but can't stand to go out bare faced... I had one of those today, so I whipped out four products which work for me on lazy days. No fuss products!

First up is the base. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions was my choice and I have been neglecting this foundation for a while. I dug it out of storage and decided to put back into my daily routine last week. I'm glad I did. Perfect for blemish prone skin - much like mine - and gives a medium coverage with a matte finish. Perfect. You can skip on the powder then! Then I decided to use Clinique's All About Eyes concealer to help cover those stubborn scars and under eye bags. A nice flawless base is complete..!

For eyes, all I did was fill in my brows. Revlon 'Rich Sable' Matte Eyeshadow is my go-to product to fill in my brows at the moment. Using an angled brush, it's quick and easy and doesn't look out of place. Apparently it is a dupe for MAC's 'Mystery' eyeshadow...

 And finally, some blush. No look is complete (for me anyway!) without some colour on the cheeks. I used Illamasqua 'Promise' Cream Blush for a 'just flushed' look, and it also looks lovely on lips if you want a bit of colour on them. 

And the finished result?

And there you have it, a four product beauty look, perfect for lazy days. ;)


25 random facts.

I won't lie, I am a very nosy person so reading all these facts is a little guilty pleasure. I thought I'd do a few of my own. Needless to say, I don't think there will be many! So let's get to it...

1. I have a double barreled first name! It's Stacey-Louise if you were wondering. ;) Most people will just call me Stacey though.

2. I have five (if you count the hideous thing underneath my new left arm tattoo...) tattoos. The majority of them were done last year. I have my right ribs done, my left forearm, my right forearm and my right thigh.

3. I absolutely adore Alice in Wonderland. The book, the films... Everything about it. That's why I have two Alice tattoos. ;)

4. Naturally, I have a dark brown/auburn hair colour. I currently dye it jet black.

5. My favourite feature is my eyes. They're a nice colour!

6. I have way too much make up, especially foundations and lipsticks/lip glosses/lip stains/lip liners.

7. I've found a new passion for baking...

8. For Halloween last year, I dressed up as The Dark Knight Rise Catwoman. For my friend's 21st coming up, I am dressing up as Harley Quinn.

9. I also seem to have an expanding perfume collection. Oops...

10. I would love to see Lana Del Rey live.

11. I'm a wrestling fan, and have been since I was very little. My favourite wrestler of all time is The Undertaker.

12. I'll turn 21 on 21st July this year. :)

13. Currently I work in a fast food place, but I've told myself this year will be the last year I am there.

14. I am a qualified Legal Secretary even though I can't find a job in this sector.

15. I would love to have a MacBook in my life. I'm obsessed with Apple products.

16. I put all my spare change in a Starbucks Frappuccino bottle. :)

17. I prefer giving presents rather than receiving them.

18. My signature scent s Gucci Guilty.

19. I overuse Twitter. If you like boring nonsense, beauty, TV commentaries and how stupid people in Tamworth are, then you can follow me.

20. Most of my friends are males. I can't seem to get along with females for a long amount of time. I just don't know why!

21. Painting my nails can be the most tedious thing ever.

22. I prefer rocking red lips over a nude lip.

23. I have had bright red hair, and absolutely loved it!

24. I have a brother named Jamie and a half brother named Lee.

25. I have came to the conclusion that I am boring. ;)

Hope you've enjoyed these random facts! And to finish it off, here's a photo of my brother's French Bulldog, Beau...


sunday snap 008

Hello my lovelies! Golly gosh, it's been so hectic over in the House of Wabbit! I've been working lots (again!) and of course it's been snowing for the past couple of days. The photo above is of myself and my nephew who is sporting some of my mascara on his cheek... He decided it was fun to play with it while I was away at work. 

We put on our beanies (mine is from Honour over Glory back in 2011!) and my nephew's is a cute animal one with a tail on the back; our coats, wellies and gloves... And we were ready to play in the snow! My nephew absolutely loved it. Back when it snowed in February 2012, he was a bit too young to really understand it. Now that's he's nearly three, he got really excited for making snowmen, snow angels... the lot!

I've been at work while it's been snowing today. The paths were like ice rinks this morning at 7:20am, and walking home at 4pm it was snow and sludge! Personally, I do wish the snow would go away because it makes going to work a pain in the bum, but it is pretty to look at. 

Until next time, my loves... Stay safe on the roads and paths!


new addition.

It's no secret that I love tattoos. And I always seem to go rather big with mine (minus my very first one!)

 I'm currently sporting a very swollen, hurting left arm at the moment which is slathered in cream after a good couple of hours at work with customers staring at it while I made their food.

This tattoo has been four months in the waiting - and it was worth waiting for. It's absolutely stunning and covers up my very first tattoo which was devastating. It's worth all the pain, the swelling and the constant questions and stares which I've been getting at work.

So let's see the finished product...

Tattoo done by Iain Stanfield at Mother of all Sins, Sutton Coldfield, England.